company culture

Our Mission

• Make customers more satisfied • Make employees happier • Make society better

Business philosophy

• Brand and Quality Synchronize

Core competitiveness of enterprises

• Learning team • Sustainable business model • Unique resources in control

Corporate work style

• Conscientiously, fast and keep promise

Three attitudes

• Never say impossible, never make excuses, guarantee to complete the task

Specific expression of corporate culture

1. Responsibility: Adhere to the highest standards of corporate ethics; fulfill commitments to society and customers.

2. Integrity: Baide is the first, Pepsi is the foundation, and integrity is the core of corporate culture.

3, customer first: customer-oriented, customer satisfaction as the first consideration of work.

4. Learning: Improving self-growth.

5. Passion: Committed to maintaining entrepreneurial passion to adapt to the high growth of the enterprise.

6. Innovation: Innovation is the new integration of old resources, innovation is the soul of career development, and advancing with the times is the embodiment of innovation.

7, pragmatic: do things down to earth and do things right.