service system

Zhejiang Shunxin Explosion-proof Electric Co., Ltd. pays attention to the different needs and long-term planning of users in various regions. Through the numerical control system with independent intellectual property rights, marketing networks throughout the country, and various overseas marketing and service agencies that are gradually built, we provide first-class products and tailor-made efficient services to users in various industries at home and abroad.

Adhering to "everything market-oriented", the market headquarters and numerous provincial / municipal city offices have market networks throughout the country.

Optimize the management process, close to customer needs, and help them ensure the normal operation of the product.

I. Under the conditions of storage and use by the user:

Within 18 months after leaving the factory or within 12 months after being put into operation, if the product is damaged due to manufacturing quality problems or cannot be used normally, the company is responsible for repair without charge (except for improper use).

2. If the failure is caused by the following reasons, it will be repaired or replaced during the warranty period:

⒈ Due to misuse, self-refitting and inappropriate maintenance;

使用 Use in excess of the requirements of the standard;

损坏 Due to damage or improper use and human damage during installation;

⒋ For reasons such as earthquakes, fires, lightning strikes, abnormal voltages, other natural disasters and secondary disasters;

3. When the product fails:

Users will get a satisfactory response regardless of contact with the supplier or the company's after-sales service department. For the problems reflected by customers, we will reply within half a working day. For the situations that need to be resolved on site, the surrounding area of after-sales service personnel Send people to the on-site service within 24 hours, and other areas to arrive on-site service within 48 hours. During the warranty period, the failure caused by the company's manufacturing problems will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

Fourth, the product exceeds the warranty period:

If the product exceeds the warranty period and can maintain its function after repair, make a paid repair. After repair, it cannot work normally and make a replacement.